Plans for a controversial Lincoln area chicken farm, the kind of operation backed by Governor Pete Ricketts, are dead, at least for now.

By a narrow 3-to-2 vote, the Lancaster County Board voted Thursday afternoon against the 8-barn, 380 thousand chicken operation that would be located about 15 miles north of the Capitol City, near the Lancaster-Saunders County line.

The vote followed a five hour public hearing.

Opponents of the farm argued that foul odor, lack of water and heavy truck traffic would increase a variety of dangers for students and teachers at nearby Raymond Central Junior and Senior High School.

Lancaster County’s planners, who recommended approval of the farm, have downplayed those concerns.

As of late October, based on letters to the county, the farm's opponents outnumbered those in favor by a count of 196 to 30.

Ricketts has criticized opponents of these kind of farms ,as being part of the so-called “meat is murder" movement, led by radical groups out to hurt agriculture.

The chicken farm would be one of several popping up in the area, supplying birds to the new Costco processing plant in Fremont which is looking to handle 100 million chickens a year.

It appears likely that the farmers behind the Lancaster County operation will appeal the board's decision in court.