OMAHA - A Millard middle school student has been diagnosed with whooping cough, according to an email sent to parents from the Douglas County Health Department.

Whooping cough, formally known as pertussis, is a highly contagious illness.

DCHD said the student is an 8th grader at Kiewit Middle School.

Students and staff should watch for respiratory symptoms between now and Thursday, November 21.

If symptoms arise, you should contact your health provider immediately.

If you are at high risk of developing severe illness or if you've had prolonged contact with someone who is high-risk, talk to your doctor about getting a preventative antibiotic.

DCHD says high-risk individuals include:

- Infants and pregnant women

- People with pre-existing health conditions like compromised immune systems and those with moderate to severe asthma

- People who have close contact with infants, pregnant women, or individuals with pre-existing conditions

- Anyone in high-risk settings that include infants or women in the third trimester of pregnancy (including workers in childcare settings, NICUs, and maternity wards)

If you have questions, contact the Douglas County Health Department at 402-444-7214.