NEBRASKA -- A new nonprofit is taking on its first lawsuit: an alleged abuse of animal rights in Nebraska.

Alene Anello first fell in love with birds when she got a cockatoo at age 11.

"My parents bought me a cockatoo named Conrad, he lived until I was 22 years old, he was super smart, he sure had opinions and was communicative," Anello said. 

She said she started the nonprofit 'Legal Impact for Chickens' last year to stand up for birds' like Conrad, arguing chickens are not too different.

"Chickens are sensitive and develop friendships even with people," Anello said. 

Last week, two shareholders of Costco filed her organization's first lawsuit. It's alleging Costco abused chickens at their subsidiary, Lincoln Premium Poultry, in Fremont, Nebraska.

"The way these birds are bred is not natural," Anello said. 

Lincoln Premium Poultry has declined to comment at this time.

Costco did not reply immediately to NCN's request for comment but has stated in the past -- after previous allegations -- that "Costco Wholesale is committed to the welfare, and proper handling, of all animals that are used in the production of products sold at Costco."

Anello is expecting Costco to file for a motion to dismiss but said she is impassioned to prove her case and strengthen bird rights in not just Nebraska, but the nation.