Omaha, NE.—Round one of a court fight keeping a top city official away from her ex-boyfriend goes to City Councilmember Juanita Johnson, meanwhile the ex, Kay LeFlore, says he’s ready for round two.

Citing a lack of evidence, a Douglas County judge today threw out a domestic abuse protection order against Johnson.

But LeFlore’s attorney tells News Channel Nebraska they want a new court order and will provide additional evidence to get it.

As she headed into court today, News Channel Nebraska questioned Johnson about LeFlore’s accusations, which are all part of an Omaha Police Department domestic violence report.

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NCN’s Joe Jordan: Ms. Johnson, you know the allegations from Mr. LeFlore that you harassed him and threw things at him. Any of those things true?

Johnson did not respond.

The police report specifically finds LeFlore, who tells NCN he’s married, claiming that one day last month Johnson went to LeFlore’s north side clothing shop and tried, as she has before, to “restart the relationship…refused to leave” and although she missed, she “threw a large candle” at him. The report lists Johnson as a "suspect."

That led a few days later to LeFlore’s request for a protection order complaining Johnson, “acts crazy” toward him, and that he’s told her for years to “leave me alone.”

NCN’s Joe Jordan: Has Councilwoman Johnson been doing this for quite some time in your view?

LeFlore: For years.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: For years she’s been harassing you?

LeFlore: Yes, and it’s only gotten worse. You would think someone would get the message.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: Is she your ex-girlfriend?

LeFlore: We had a relationship.

According to the police report, LeFlore, says that relationship with Johnson ended two years ago.

Following today's hearing Johnson’s attorney, Fred Franklin, told NCN, “There’s always two sides to a story…and I can assure you that what Ms. Johnson has suggested to me occurred, wouldn’t be matching up and correlating what’s in Mr. LeFlore’s affidavit.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: Ms. Johnson, would you agree with that?

Councilwoman Johnson: I have no comment. Thank you.

LeFlore’s attorney, Rich McGowan, tells NCN that LeFlore, who filled out his original complaint without a lawyer, still doesn’t feel safe and will file for another domestic abuse protection order, that will be the subject of a new hearing.

“We will have additional allegations in the next filing," says McGowan.