JULY 13TH - 2019 Wayne Chicken Days Parade (NCN TV)

JULY 7TH - 2019 Dance to Make Nebraska Strong (NCN TV)

JULY 6TH - 2019 Big Bang Boom (NCN TV)

JULY 4TH - 2019 Norfolk Odd Fellows Parade (NCN TV)

JULY 1ST - SFS National League Championship (NCN TV)

Scoreboard roundup -- 7/22/19

Trump sidesteps convos about race with critics, meets with retired NFL player to discuss 'black America'

Tom Brady faces backlash for jumping off cliff with 6-year-old daughter

Report: Barcelona set to open talks on extending Messi's contract

Scoreboard roundup -- 7/21/19

NFL: Tyreek Hill avoids suspension, allowed to return to Kansas City Chiefs after abuse investigation