While backing much of Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert’s latest budget, one of the state’s best known tax watchdogs is looking to slow down the city’s mega-millions streetcar plan.

Those comments and more coming during the city council’s public hearing on the budget.

Other critics opposed Stothert's plan to increase the police department's bottom line.

At the same time Stothert was applauded for good fiscal management, stable revenue streams, caring for the homeless and other community projects.

Unlike last year, this year’s budget does not include a property tax cut.

Doug Kagan, Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom: "However, spending on non-basic services and programs continues unabated, utilizing revenues that instead the city could use for additional property tax relief. So our suggestions are these: Cut community service programs, hold back the $306 million pegged for capital improvements for the urban street car until the extent of the recession becomes apparent."
Teresa Summerland: I'm asking you to reallocate $20 million in police funds to community programs. That includes $6 million to start an unarmed civilian traffic safety division, $5 million for a support team assisted response program similar to the one they're using in Denver Colorado, $4 million for affordable housing programs, $3 million for parks, libraries, and youth programs and $2 million for workforce development."

According to the mayor’s proposal the police budget would jump from $170 million this year to $178 million next year.

The council can make changes to the budget before its final vote next month.