Railroad workers across the country are scheduled to vote Thursday on a tentative contract that averted a massive strike earlier this month.

NCN's Joe Jordan tells us there are unconfirmed reports that a deal which appears to favor the workers is in jeopardy of coming up short.

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According to published reports, the possible deal brokered by President Biden, Big Rail and a dozen unions risks falling apart as some union leaders find the details "intentionally” vague. especially when it comes to sick days and other time off.

The report says the average rail worker feels “a lot of anger, confusion and hostility."

At the same time though the numbers made public find rail workers making a variety of financial gains, including salary increases not seem in 40 years.

The deal includes pay raises of 24%, bonuses of $5,000, and back pay of $11,000.

Railroad workers would also be able to take unpaid days off for doctor’s appointments without penalty, which has not been the case in the past. 

Votes will be counted over the next few weeks.