NORFOLK, Neb. -- One new northeast Nebraska business is bringing a sense of crime, mystery, and problem-solving during its opening this weekend.

Encrypt Escape Rooms will be opening in Downtown Norfolk this Saturday to officially kickoff the spooky season.

The new entertainment business will include two different story rooms which include "Playground Pandemonium" this is set as a nursery scene and "Framed" which is set in a police station.

Co-owner and co-founder, Austin Truex, said his feeling towards finally opening the escape rooms to the community is excitement.

"We're just excited to have people come through, and we've done some test runs," said Truex. "Just to have, you know, actual customers and community members coming through here and just having a good time together, we're super excited for that." 

The escape room originally started as a fundraiser last summer, but after immense success it was further launched into the full scale business that it is today.

Truex said that being an escape room enthusiast helped him form the idea to create an alternative entertainment option for northeast Nebraskans.

"Escape rooms are so versatile, you know, companies can come in and they can use it for team building. Families can come in and have a fun family game night here," Truex said. "We're adding value to Norfolk and to downtown Norfolk, and we're very excited to be a part of the ecosystem here."

With test runs out of the way and tons of community feedback, Truex said Encrypt Escape Rooms is ready to open and provide a thrilling experience. 

Encrypt is located at 123 N. 4th St. in Norfolk.

Anyone looking to pre-book a room ahead of time can do so here