When it comes to abortion GOP Congressman Don Bacon insists he will always protect the life of the mother, but Democrats insist he won’t.

If that finds voters scratching their heads on what many consider a key issue this election, there are many parts of the abortion debate where Bacon and his Democrat opponent, State Sen. Tony Vargas, leave the voters with clear cut choices.

The two are set to debate next week, but you can view their abortion positions now in our exclusive interviews above and then check back for a complete transcript.


State Sen. Tony Vargas (D):  Listen I'm a politician but I think people like me should have absolutely no say in the decision that a woman makes regarding her reproductive health care decisions. That is a personal decision between them and their doctors. 

 Rep. Don Bacon (R): I know where the middle of America is at and they support a 12 to 15 week ban and I think that's where the consensus is at. And I will support that and then continue advocating and try to change hearts and minds.

Congressman Bacon pointing to a May 2022 Fox News Poll that found six in ten registered voters favoring Roe v Wade while at the same time, by a 54-41 margin, those surveyed favored a ban on abortion after 15 weeks.

At the same time though as Bacon works to pull in Hispanic voters, setting up a campaign office in heavily Hispanic south Omaha, Politico reports that over 70 percent of Latino voters nationwide opposed making abortion illegal.

All that as Bacon wants abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest.

Joe Jordan, News Channel Nebraska: What do you say to that 12,13,14-year-old girl who's been raped by a relative or total stranger, regardless, that she has to have that child? How does that work.

Bacon: Well, what we have found in most states, they say that's the safety and life of the mother is involved. With one of persons that young, and I’ve got to defer to the doctors on this, I'm not a doctor, but what I heard from the doctors in Ohio was that it's unhealthy, it's unsafe for a person that young to have that baby.

As for deferring to doctors, the Nebraska Medical Association recently took a clear pro-choice stance noting that the “Viability of the pregnancy and safety of the pregnant person, are determinations to be made only by the healthcare professionals with their patients.”

Vargas: Health care professionals are making it really clear we need to make sure there's healthcare access available and that there's legislation or bills that are making it harder for women to be able to make these decisions but not things that we should be supporting so I'm going to stay out of these decisions and I think they need to stay in the hands of women and their doctors.

Jordan: If you stay out of that discussion aren't you allowing abortions up to the moment of birth?

Vargas: If I stay out of those discussions what I'm doing is trusting women to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Jordan: Which could mean abortions right before birth.

Vargas: It could mean that women are making the best decisions and that they are staying within them and their families.

Meanwhile, Bacon is doubling down on no abortions in cases of rape and incest.

Bacon: On principle I just want to say that that is an unborn child. Now granted we want to protect the life of the mother and there are complications and let's be honest 98 to 99 percent of the abortions today are not that. It’s someone that's in their 20s or late teens and it's more of a choice than anything.

While Republicans push issues like inflation and the border this election, Democrats believe abortion will increase voter turnout on their side.