It’s the rematch Nebraska Democrats have openly admitted they wanted.

And today, State Sen. Tony Vargas, a South Omaha Democrat, is announcing that he will once again challenge Republican Congressman Don Bacon.

The battle for the state’s one and only purple House district, likely to look and sound a lot similar to their 2022 battle.

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State Sen. Tony Vargas (D): “I fought on behalf of working families; have actually balanced budgets because I am a working parent making $12,000 a year versus making more than $1,000,000 on taxpayers dime."

Rep. Don Bacon (R):  He's been AWOL almost one day out of five voting. So, he's not out there fighting for you, he's out trying to dodge votes that are unpopular."

Joe Jordan, NCN: “Is Tony Vargas going to take another bite at the apple against Don Bacon?”

Jane Kleeb (NE Democratic Party): “I hope Senator Vargas does."

That was Jane Kleeb the head of the Nebraska Democratic Party talking with NCN just a few days ago. And today Vargas says yes, he’s running in 2024, a rematch with Bacon who beat Vargas by 2 points last year.

Delanie Bomar, a spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, tells NCN, "Tony Vargas is a woke New Yorker trying to bring an extreme Democrat agenda to Omaha. There is a reason Nebraskans rejected Vargas in 2022, and they will reject him again in 2024.” 

As for 2024, likely issues include abortion, this was their debate in 2022:

Vargas: “I'm going to stay out of these decisions, and I think they need to stay in the hands of women and their doctors.”

Joe Jordan: “If you stay out of that discussion aren't you allowing abortions up to the moment of birth?”

Vargas: “If I stay out of those discussions what I'm doing is trusting women to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.”

Bacon wants abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest.

Joe Jordan: “What do you say to that 12, 13, 14-year-old girl who's been raped by a relative or total stranger, regardless, that she has to have that child? How does that work.”

Bacon: “Well, what we have found in most states, they say that's the safety and life of the mother is involved. With one of persons that young, and I’ve got to defer to the doctors on this, I'm not a doctor, but what I heard from the doctors in Ohio was that it's unhealthy, it's unsafe for a person that young to have that baby.”

Jordan: "Was there one specific reason over any other that Don Bacon beat Tony Vargas in 2022?'

Kleeb: “Yes. I think we made a mistake during the Coronavirus by not keeping the muscle active for field activity. We were making sure that people were safe, the Republicans had no skip. Democrats essentially had two years that we’re now making up."

But votes in the 2nd Congressional District have shifted, in 2022 heavily Republican Saunders County was added to Bacon’s backyard and Democrats admit that shift didn’t help them or Vargas.

Vargas released the following statement: 

“While we came up just short last November, I was so encouraged by the enormous response we got from voters across the district, who were excited by our message of cutting middle class taxes, growing the economy, protecting women’s health care, and keeping our communities safe from gun violence. After talking with my family and listening to calls from so many across this district, I’ve decided to run again.

“With Republicans in Nebraska passing an extreme ban on abortion, it’s more important than ever that we elect representatives that will fight for the people of Nebraska’s Second in Washington. Not only does Don Bacon have a record of turning his back on his constituents, he’s doubled down supporting the broken policies that are hurting working families and women in this district.”