LINCOLN, Neb. -- 25 seasons, that's how long famous NCAA football coach Tom Osborne spent at the helm of the Nebraska Huskers.

And now a documentary is telling his story after four years of filming.

"Day by Day" is a two-part documentary about the rise of Tom Osborne's coaching career at Nebraska, with more of a focus on the 90s and the Huskers dynasty.

"The story really develops into not just his journey, but the players that he brought along and recruited that were part of this dynasty run," said Director Justin LePera.

The documentary utilizes putting former Huskers, NCAA players, journalists, and others together at round tables to tell Osborne's story.

The documentary includes Osborne himself. 

LePera and two of his friends, who are former Huskers, came up with the idea to tell Osborne's story.

"One of my good friends growing up is Josh Davis, who played for Nebraska and so, he and I talked about what a great idea it would be to make a movie about this era since it had never been done, surprisingly," LePera said. "So, we teamed up with Mark Brungardt, who also played at Nebraska."

Part one details the early seasons of Osborne's days as the Husker's head coach.

Viewers get to see an in-depth look at the transition from Bob Devaney to Osborne and the clashes between Osborne's Huskers and Barry Switzer's Oklahoma Sooners.

LePera said the focus in part one is on building a culture.

"They were ruthless against each other and that's what made them so good, they were so competitive at practices that the practices turned out to be harder than a lot of the games," LePera said. "They brought the physicality. Going behind the scenes of what they were going through, and what they had to endure, off the field, with this kind of culture that was brewing. It was pretty interesting."

Part two of the documentary focuses on Nebraska's dynasty and defending their reputation in the NCAA.

"These guys had every reason to lose," LePera said. "They had everything pushed against them, especially in the '94 season. In '95, they had a ton of controversy that was hitting them. So every time they were going on these runs, they always had an incredible amount of adversity they had to overcome." 

Part one of "Day By Day" will begin screening on Aug. 10 at Marcus Theater locations in Omaha, Lincoln, and Bellevue.

LePera said part two will be released soon after.

For a list of locations and screening times, click here.