The attorney for a woman accused of manslaughter and held in jail on a controversial $10 million bond has had her bond drastically reduced, though there is still no guarantee she’ll get out of jail any time soon.

The judge who set the high bond and then cut it down has been accused of sexist and racist behavior by former State Sen. Ernie Chambers.

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Inside a Douglas County Courtroom last month, backers of 30-year-old Carlos Salguero-Canar who was beaten to death last month, demanded justice.

26-year-old Jessica Hernandez and 24-year-old Nadim Zarazua-Hernandez are both charged with manslaughter.

Jailed under a $200,000 bond, the man who allegedly did the beating, posted the required 10 percent, $20,000, and is back on the street.

But additionally charged with evidence tampering the woman’s initial bond, set by Judge Grant Forsberg, was $10 million, this week he lowered it to $250,000.

Former State Sen. Ernie Chambers: “Even mobsters didn’t have $10 million bonds.”

Former State Sen. Ernie Chambers, called Judge Forsberg’s bond “racist and sexist” and reportedly filed a formal complaint against both the judge.

Ben Salazar: “The suffocating and you know sort of irrational high figure for someone like a single mom with ties to the community.”

Long-time self-described community advocate Ben Salazar tells NCN the initial $10 million bond ripped apart Jessica Hernandez’ family.

Salazar: “During her the first week of incarceration the absentee father showed up demanded the children who was staying with an aunt and of course she couldn't refuse to give over the children to him he took the children out of state.”

Hernandez is due back in court later this month, a new judge threatening an arrest warrant if she doesn’t show.