A Douglas County District Court Judge found herself on the wrong side of the bench this week, in a case that went from drunk driving to well, something less.

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What started out as a case of a public official accused of drunk driving in this Northwest Douglas County neighborhood has taken yet another turn.

The Omaha City Prosecutor has told NCN that while driving near 166th and Ida during the early morning hours of July 2nd, 2:30 a.m. on a Sunday to be exact, Douglas County District Court Judge Tressa Alioth was ticketed for misdemeanor first offense drunk driving.

She was also initially accused of refusing a preliminary breath test, driving left of center, and transporting a child while intoxicated.

But that DUI was shelved, and she was charged with first offense misdemeanor reckless driving.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: “Are you at all concerned that this is going to look like she got preferential treatment?”

Kevin Slimp, Omaha City Prosecutor: “That’s not the case. It’s being handled based on our review of the evidence.”

According to published reports, the judge tested a blood alcohol level of .088%, the legal limit is .08%.

After initially pleading not guilty the judge has now pleaded no contest, been found guilty, and fined $500.