We’re getting a better look into the design and cost of Omaha’s plan for a downtown streetcar.

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 This is downtown Omaha, specifically 34th and Farnam today.

This is 34th and Farnam three years from now, 2026, when the at very least $300 million-dollar downtown streetcar is up and running.

Nick Stadem, HDR Engineering: “We are looking for six modern streetcar, the actual length of the streetcars will vary, depending on the vendor, but we’re looking at lengths from 60 to 80 feet long, all the vehicles will be 8 feet, 8 inches wide.”

The cost of those six streetcars $6 million—each, $36 million total.

And for now, everything is a go.

Jay Noddle, Omaha Streetcar Authority: “The project is on schedule.”

So, after three decades of talking about a streetcar, despite its critics and barring some unexpected moves—the streetcar is several steps closer to a done deal.

And top city officials are already talking about extending the streetcar to other parts of town, including the airport and more.

Mayor Jean Stothert, Omaha (R): “We have applied for a $300,000 federal grant through the U.S. Department of Transportation to study an extension to north Omaha. This route will connect riders to jobs, educational services and create mixed use development and affordable housing along the route.”