Republican Congressman Mike Flood’s moderately attended Bellevue town hall found him backing former President Donald Trump, especially on the crisis at the border.

Rep. Mike Flood, 1st District (R): “The border is wide open, and we need a President who is going to negotiate with the Mexican President like President Trump did to say, ‘you can come here but you’re not getting in, you’re going to remain in Mexico.’”

That just hours after the Supreme Court ruled unanimously, 9-to-nothing, that states cannot take Trump off the ballot, even amid charges that he oversaw these January 6th scenes at the Capitol. The ruling a big win for Trump, as Trump now waits for the high court to rule on his demand for immunity.

Rep. Flood: “Should the President have immunity, well the President always has immunity in some executive actions?”

Former President Donald Trump: “I believe a President has to have immunity, very simple.”

Rep. Mike Flood: “Remember we’re talking about someone who hasn’t been convicted of a crime.”

Joe Jordan, NCN: “But it appears that President Trump's concern is that if some of these things he's indicted for, if he's convicted, if he had immunity they’d go away.” 

Rep. Flood: “We don't have a king in this country. Do I think that the president should have carte blanche immunity, no.”

In this election year Flood faces minor primary opposition, up against Michael Connely, an admitted longest of long-shots.

In the November election, Flood will likely be facing Democrat Carol Blood, a two-term, term limited State Senator. Clearly an uphill fight for Blood as the 1st Congressional District, 11 counties, finds Republicans outnumbering Democrats nearly two-to-one.

Still Blood campaigns that, “Our Congress is in complete disarray and our Congressman Mike Flood has forgotten his nonpartisan roots and ability to work with the other side.”

Back at the town hall Flood was praising Israel as this man cried genocide.

Man in audience: “My question is when are you going to put a stop to that?”

Rep. Flood: “If what happened in Israel happened in the United States the Israelis would stand behind us as we rooted out the evil the terrorists did on October 7th

Man in Audience:”30,000 women and children murdered by the Israelis. That is not a good ally.”

Rep. Flood: “You and I would disagree on this point.”

This was Flood’s third traditional face-to-face town hall.  No word yet as to when he’ll hold a fourth.

Mike Flood is the founder and an owner of Flood Communications and News Channel Nebraska.