An in-house investigation is underway into a Nebraska lawmaker accused of workplace harassment for sexually explicit comments aimed at one or two other state senators.

The investigation, announced today, puts Hastings Republican Steve Halloran in the crosshairs.

Halloran has refused to resign following the Monday night blow-up from the floor which was televised live statewide.

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State Sen. Steve Halloran: “I apologize to Senator Michaela Cavanaugh.”

But that apology is not enough, the Hastings conservative is now the subject of a Legislative investigation into workplace harassment.

”Stop staring at me, he said”, that was Halloran Monday night reading sexually graphic excerpts from a book about rape.

While blasting the book’s apparent availability in Nebraska school libraries he inserted the name of another lawmaker, a Democrat.

“I kneeled before him, Sen. Cavanaugh.”

Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh tweeting that Halloran’s word were “gross, disrespectful, and beneath the Nebraska Unicameral.”

And here she was after Halloran’s Tuesday apology.

Sen. Machael Cavanaugh, Omaha (D): “It's clearly not something we should tolerate.”

Following his controversial comments Halloran said he was actually addressing Michaela Cavanaugh’s brother and lawyer, another lawmaker, Sen. John Cavanaugh.

State Sen. Ray Aguilar, head of the Legislature's self-policing Executive Board, insisting the truth will come out and nothing will be "swept under the rug."