Calls to condemn but not remove a Nebraska lawmaker intensified today during a hearing in Lincoln.

Republican State Sen. Steve Halloran is accused of workplace harassment and inserting the name of Democrat State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh, while reading a graphic and violent rape scene.

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State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh, Omaha (D): “This has got to stop.”

In a rare hearing before the Legislature’s Executive Board, Democrat State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh is calling for the formal censure, condemnation, of Republican State Sen. Steve Halloran, who calls today’s hearing unconstitutional, refusing to show, and insisting it should not be streamed statewide, it was. Halloran argues he’s being attacked for “words spoken in debate.”


State Sen. Steve Halloran: “Stop staring at me he said”, that was Halloran last week reading sexually graphic excerpts from a book about rape.

While blasting the book’s apparent availability in Nebraska school libraries he inserted the name of another lawmaker, a Democrat.

Sen. Halloran: “I kneeled before him, Sen. Cavanaugh.”

This was Halloran the next day.

State Sen. Steve Halloran: “Should I have interjected the senators names, no. So again I apologize to Senator Michaela Cavanaugh.”

Sen. Cavanaugh: “My 10-year-old should not be subjected to hearing her mother be asked to perform a sex act.”

The Board putting off any decision on a full Legislative vote to censure Halloran apparently until sometime next week, but not before several lawmakers praised Cavanaugh's "strength and courage."

Sen. Cavanaugh: “I just want this to be over.”