It’s now been one week, one long difficult week, for hundreds of families here in Eastern Nebraska.

Damage numbers continue to pile up in several neighborhoods in Elkhorn, Bennington and Blair.

According to early federal reports in Douglas and Washington Counties 400 homes have at least some damage, 160 destroyed.

Public infrastructure: roads, buildings and more in Douglas and Washington hitting $8 million, statewide $11.5 million.

The Governor is asking President Biden to declare the areas a federal disaster.

Joe Jordan, NCN: “Any concerns about what the federal response will be?”

Sen. Pete Ricketts, Nebraska (R): “I believe the federal government is going to be there and do their part in helping us recover.”

The oddities of Mother Nature are on full display.

This home gone, right across the street, not a scratch.

And this is the first full day that the Nebraska National Guard has been on the ground here.

After Douglas County officials asked, Governor Jim Pillen ordering the Guard into neighborhoods in Elkhorn to help manage heavy traffic and help put an end to any threats of looting in the area.

April 27, 2024

Sheriff Hanson: “We will have extra patrols for the foreseeable future. We definitely do not want to make it easy for anybody who wants to victimize those people. Our partners in law enforcement and the Sheriff's Office will intercept you.”

And as we reported earlier, earlier two men in the area caught deputies’ attention.

One of the men, Alejandro Vera was booked on several counts including possession of burglar tools. Along with a flashlight and work gloves, he’s accused of having a pry bar.

The other man, Shane Cirian, was cited for trespassing.

In addition, the sheriff says a pair of wire cutters and meth were found in their car.

The Guard is scheduled to be in these neighborhoods for the next two weeks.