WNCC women’s soccer players are taking their talents to the next level after Tania Razo and Lesley Vasquez signed to continue playing at four-year schools.

                Razo is headed to Shaw University in North Carolina. Shaw is a Division II institution. Vasquez is head to William Carey, the NAIA national runner-ups a year ago. William Carey was 24-1 last fall.

                Vasquez said she picked William Carey because it was a good school with an outstanding soccer program.

                “I am going to William Carey and I think it will bring out the potential that I have,” Vasquez said. “It should be able to push me more and to be a better person and better player.”

                William Carey is one of top NAIA schools in the country and Vasquez said that will push her to become even a better player.

                “I know there are a lot of players out there who are potentially better than me, “ she said. “But this will help me push myself and I think I can reach those levels as well.”

                Vasquez added that getting to go to a program the caliber of William Carey shows her that she can achieve things.

                “It just shows I can achieve things like that in life,” she said. “I know this will push me to be better.”

                Razo said she is a little bit scared to go to the east coast, but she is ready for the move.

                “I am going to Shaw University, which is a DII and I think it will push me as a player more,” she said. “I decided to go there because it is in North Carolina and I wanted to go to the east coast. And, I am scared, but I think I can do it.”

                Both said they have improved their game while at WNCC and became a better person.

                “I think there were good experiences and bad experiences here,” Razo said. “I think just overall it improved me as a player.”

                For Vasquez, she said it shaped her as a player.

                “I had good and bad experiences, but I think everything that I went through shaped me into the person I am today,” she said. “I am grateful for that.”

                Both will take plenty of memories from their two years at WNCC.

                “I wouldn’t change anything. I try to live life and not regret things,” Vasquez said. “Thank you to my fans and everything you have done for me. Thanks for giving me the opportunity.”

                For Razo, it is the friends and extended family that she made while at WNCC.

                “I think just overall the friendships I made and just like the family we had,” she said.

                Razo said she improved greatly in her two years.

                “In the technical side, I improved with passing a little bit better and also my shooting,” she said.

                Vasquez will major in criminal justice at William Carey University while Razo will major in business.