Senator Deb Fischer is expected to post a big win in Tuesday’s Republican Primary, setting up a race in November against Independent Dan Osborn.

Viewed by many as a long shot, Osborn says he’s got numbers to prove he isn’t.


His name is not on Tuesday’s Primary ballot, but Independent Senate hopeful Dan Osborn is running against 12-year incumbent Republican Deb Fischer, one curiosity there is no Democrat in the race, a race that won’t be decided until November.

And for now, according to a new poll released by Osborn’s campaign, keep that in mind  the poll is released by Osborn’s campaign, Fischer’s reelection is not a done deal.

Here are the numbers.

Fischer 37 percent.

Osborn 33 percent.

Undecided 30 percent.

The poll indicating Fischer’s “support for a national abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest” is keeping her numbers down.

60 percent less likely to vote for her because of her position on abortion. 20 percent more likely to back her.

Osborn issuing a statement that “Nebraskans are hard pressed  to tell you anything Deb Fischer has done to benefit us.”

And then there’s the money side of all this.

Osborn’s campaign insisting they’re raising cash left and right.

At the same time, though Fischer has nearly $3 million in the bank, Osborn not quite $400,000. That’s  advantage Fischer, an eight-to-one advantage.

NCN has asked Senator Fischer’s campaign to comment on the poll, but the campaign has not responded.