Whether it's outside or inside Charles Schwab Field, Omaha Police are promising in their words, an “increased, proactive police effort,” keeping the College World Series safe.

In addition, officers will be stepping-up patrols along the Riverfront including the Bob Kerrey Bridge, linking Omaha and Council Bluffs, Iowa.

OPD also tells us that additional officers will be visible at the Old Market, one of the city’s top tourist attractions, which in recent times is seeing its share of homelessness.

Back at the ballpark, as was the case last year, fans entering the stadium will be cleared for security examined by walk-through metal detectors.

And as always there’s a long, long list of items not allowed in the stadium, leading the list “weapons of any kind” and that includes fake weapons, and objects resembling a weapon.

It also includes “permit holders possessing or carrying lawfully concealed weapons,” those weapons also not allowed in.

Another concern, not necessarily new but certainly heightened, human trafficking. Sex trafficking of children. Federal, state, and local law enforcement officials meeting recently, not about local kids being snatched up off the streets, but more so about the signs of human trafficking, urging the public to be on the lookout.

Those signs flashing brightly at events across the country, including the College World Series.

“Set Me Free” Public Information Project: “Traffickers would often brand their victims with tattoos, using words such as daddy or cash. Trafficking victims may show sudden changes in dress or behavior. They may suddenly have possessions they usually can’t afford. They may have unusually long work hours. Victims may have new relationships with boyfriends or girlfriends that are noticeably older.”

Police are also urging that any “suspicious behavior or unattended items” be reported immediately.