Something "Big...and tall."

That's Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert's vision of a new addition to the city's downtown skyline.

She talked it up today while revealing plans to close the city's main downtown library and open a new full-service branch library just a few blocks away.

Stothert tells NCN's Joe Jordan the city is poised to sell the prime property at 14th and Douglas to the right bidder with the right inspiration.

Jean Stothert: I would want something that would really change Omaha's skyline.

NCN's Joe Jordan:  Is that a wish or could there be some reality there?

Jean Stothert: I hope there's a lot of reality to it.

NCN's Joe Jordan: So you're talking about another skyscraper.

Jean Stothert: Well, I don't know. What would you consider a skyscraper?

NCN's Joe Jordan: Well, similar to the (First National) bank.

Jean Stothert: I'd love to see something similar to the bank...I'd love to see something taller than the bank.

[See Mayor Stothert's full comments above]

City officials tell us the old main library—W. Dale Clark—built in 1976 is inefficient and underutilized.

The new downtown library, inside an old creamery just a block from the city's historic Old Market at 14th and Jones, will be leased by the city and cost $4.5 million over the next ten years.

It also comes with a $3 million fix-up, with that cost split between the city and the developer.

The new library is due to open fall of 2022.