OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The fate of one Omaha home, considered to be a landmark by many local residents, is in question.

The property of interest used to be the home of Hollywood legend Fred Astaire. It has seemingly fallen into disrepair.

The city told 6 News that they’ve had trouble locating the owner but said Tuesday that they have located representatives of the homeowner. City officials said they plan to work with them to get the home fixed up rather than tearing it down.

“I think every house in Omaha that is salvageable should not be torn down, it should be saved. It’s cheaper to rehab a house than it is to tear down and rebuild,” said Dave Fanslau of the Omaha Planning Department.

Fanslau added that he is not aware of anything particularly historic about the house except its relation to Astaire.

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