Two days after a battle over race between GOP Governor Pete Ricketts and the University of Nebraska boiled over, a top state official is accusing Ricketts of taking the state down a "dark and potentially evil path."

In a 2-page letter to the governor, State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh of Omaha, a Democrat, says after a year of divisive, fear-mongering talk from Ricketts, she's no longer staying silent.

Ricketts has accused the University of discriminating against white people, by hiring and enrolling unqualified minority staff and students.

Ricketts specifically targeted UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green: "What the University is talking about is giving unqualified people jobs based on their skin color...and (Ronnie Green) did not tell me those things when we were talking about that last week," said Ricketts during a Monday morning news conference. "I was misled by Ronnie Green. I have lost all faith in Ronnie Green and don't believe anything he says anymore. And I don't know how you get that back."

Ricketts' comments following a huge pat on the back to Green by NU President Ted Carter.

Cavanaugh accuses Ricketts of using his powerful job to strike fear in the white community that minority groups might someday have an equal voice and equal power.

View Cavanaugh's full letter below: