LINCOLN -- One bill making its way through the Nebraska legislature now attempts to prevent discrimination against LGBTQ seniors.

"As we enter a time where there's more exposure to LGBTQ communities [....] the people who paved the way for us to be here need help and we can't forget about them," said Senator Meghan Hunt of Omaha, who introduced LB1136.

 Owlish, which had seen trans seniors discriminated against, brought the issue to her attention.

"We can't let this happen to our elders," she said. Hunt said older adults are particularly in need of advocacy, as they're less likely to seek medical care, and have faced homophobia for decades.

The bill creates a way for seniors to report discrimination such as denying admission.

It would be up to the Department of Health and Human Services to enforce.

According to Unicameral updates, Becky Wisell of the state Department of Health and Human Services testified against the bill. 

“This bill would require the Division of Public Health licensure unit to develop new inspection processes for five different licensed facility types,” Wisell said.

This bill must first be passed by the committee before it can hit the floor for debate. Therefore, Hunt encourages people to ask their senators to vote for it.