Republican Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine, who switched parties in 2020, tells News Channel Nebraska that when it comes to the Slama-Herbster—who’s telling the truth saga—for now at least, he believes "there is something there.”

Slama, a Nebraska State Senator, has accused Herbster, one of the frontrunners in the GOP race for governor, of sexually assaulting her—putting his hand up her dress—during a 2019 GOP fundraiser in Omaha.

Slama is one of seven women, one other has made her name public, making similar accusations all denied by Herbster.

As Kleine endorsed NU Regent Jim Pillen for governor today, NCN’s Joe Jordan asked Kleine, who has been prosecuting sexual assault cases for years, to weigh in.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: Who do you believe, Julie Slama or Charles Herbster?

Kleine: I don’t think that’s for me to get into at this point in time but certainly I know Sen. Slama, I know the other senators who work with her and have stood up by her. I think it took a lot of courage on her part to come forward. I analyze cases historically as you said, and I certainly believe there is something there.

NCN asked Pillen if he would support Herbster in the general election if Herbster wins the primary. Pillen said he’s “not into speculation.”