If you were surprised to hear that the Republican candidate for governor, Jim Pillen won’t debate this fall, you shouldn’t be.

During the GOP spring primary, following what some called a few public speaking gaffes here and there…

Jim Pillen (Dec., 2021): Could we use some money for roads and broadband? Maybe, but not today, they’re not that bad.” 

…Pillen bowed out of a series of debates, no apologies.

NCN’s Joe Jordan, April 2022: Mr. Kelly, are you comfortable with Mr. Pillen's decision not to debate?

Joe Kelly (Republican candidate for Lt. Gov.): “I am.”

That's right Pillen’s running mate, former US attorney Joe Kelly, is OK with the silent treatment.

Kelly: “It's the perfect fit for him because Jim Pillen shaking a hand and looking somebody in the eye gives a much better chance of a vote coming his way than Jim Pillen with a lot of other candidates saying essentially the same thing on a stage. So, for Jim and his personality it made perfect sense to me. People who meet Jim Pillen one on one like him."

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Former Republican Governor Dave Heineman called the move a “mistake” that would likely cost Pillen the GOP nomination.

But Pillen won and he’s not changing course.

According to NTV, it asked both Pillen and Democrat Carol Blood for a debate. Blood said yes, Pillen no.

And there’s no indication Pillen will do any debates, in addition that strategy appears to go beyond debates.

Following his win in the primary, News Channel Nebraska has repeatedly asked Pillen’s campaign for a sit-down, 20-to-30-minute, on-camera interview with Pillen.

But there has been no response from Pillen's camp.