With President Joe Biden’s approval rating in the low 40’s, Democrats on the ballot this fall appear careful not to tie themselves to close to the administration.

In his bid to unseat GOP Congressman Don Bacon, NCN has asked Congressional hopeful Tony Vargas what he would do if Biden offered to come to Omaha and campaign for Vargas.

See Vargas’ answer in our exclusive interview above and check back for a complete transcript.


In 2020 Joe Biden won the Omaha area’s 2nd Congressional District vote by nearly seven points over Donald Trump.

But since that time the GOP has tried to hang, among other things, high gas prices and inflation at President Biden’s feet.

Is it working?

Well, even Congressional hopeful, Democrat Tony Vargas appears reluctant to hold the President close.

Joe Jordan, News Channel Nebraska:  If you got a call tomorrow from President Biden and he said, “I want to come to Omaha and campaign for you,” do you want him here or not? 

State Sen. Tony Vargas (D). One of the things that I've been proud of, and I've always done is run this campaign focused on my beliefs and my values and what I stand for.

At the same time though Vargas’s campaign has allowed others in.

Our interview in the middle of town, inside the temporary offices of the D-Triple-C, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee which is charged with getting Democrats like State Sen. Vargas elected.

Sen. Vargas: This race has been about Tony Vargas this campaign trying to reach as many middle class and working families across this district and I'm going to be the best representative for them, not for anybody that's outside of Nebraska, not for people in DC but for Nebraskans here in the 2nd district.

Joe Jordan, NCN: So, you would not want him to come in?

Sen. Vargas: What I'm focused on is making sure we're reaching voters and sharing my message; not the message of anybody in DC, not the administration, but what I'm going to stand for here in Nebraska.

Joe Jordan, NCN: That sure sounds like you don't want him to come.

Sen. Vargas: It means that I'm focused on getting my message out to Nebraskans and focused on the issues that I'm hearing from voters. Too often politicians and elected officials are focused on what's happening in DC rather than focusing on the problems facing people here.

Vargas’ campaign against GOP Congressman Don Bacon is largely considered too close to call, with Bacon slightly ahead.