Sworn in today as Nebraska’s 41st Governor, Republican Jim Pillen wasted no time promising major changes to state taxes and school funding.

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Following a landslide win in November, Jim Pillen a pig farmer from Columbus and a former NU football standout...

Gov. Jim Pillen: “I’m guilty I love Nebraska…”

…is the state’s fourth straight Republican governor and sounding a lot like those before him, calling for major changes in tax and school funding policies.

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Democrats striking out at Pillen, immediately. Party Chair Jane Kleeb: “Pillen will continue the legacy of the backdoor dealings of anti-choice billionaire Pete Ricketts.”

Just how will Pillen differ from Ricketts, even Republicans lawmakers aren’t sure.

State Sen. Ray Aguilar: “We’ll see how it plays out, hopefully we can bring him up the way we want.”

State Sen. Lou Ann Linehan: “There will be differences, but I don't know that there'll be big policy differences.”

One big difference between Pillen and governors before him…his campaign decision not to debate his opponents, with no apologies.

(April 5, 2022) Joe Jordan, News Channel Nebraska:

“Mr. Kelly are you comfortable with Mr. Pillen’s decision not to debate?

Lt. Gov. Joe Kelly: “I am.”

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