Dr. Mary Kinyoun (OB-GYN): Pregnant women can suffer devastating infections, so I ask you how close to death do we allow pregnant people to become before we perform a life-saving abortion.

Dr. Asit Goswami (Internal Medicine): Unlike those who pass abortion bans we actually have to face those who are harmed. The consequences of their actions will lead to worsening rates of maternal mortality especially for Black, Latino, and Native American women.”

A small army of Nebraska doctors is vehemently opposing legislation, the Nebraska Heartbeat Act, which would effectively ban abortions after six weeks.

State Sen. Joni Albrecht, Thurston (R): “A heartbeat is a universal sign of life, and we also know that abortion stops a beating heart. The three exemptions are rape, incest and of course life saving measures for a mother.”

But it’s those life-saving measures drawing fire.

The bill specifically states that a pregnancy can be terminated if a delay, “will create a serious risk of substantial, and irreversible physical impairment.”

Dr. Neil Hamill (OB-GYN): Medically speaking this completely misses the mark.

Dr. Mary Kinyoun: Legislative bill 626 calls for exceptions for medical emergencies which is vague and very much open to interpretation.

Dr. Neil Hamill: Many of our mothers have medical complications of pregnancy. Diabetes, hypertension are common in Nebraska and these dramatically raise a pregnant mother’s risk for blood clots and death.

At the moment the six-week ban is backed by 29 lawmakers, 33 votes are needed to break a likely filibuster, and backers are clearly optimistic.

Reporter: “How much support do you have?”

Sen. Albrecht: “I’m hoping 33.

Reporter: “You have 33?”

Sen. Albrecht: “I believe I do.”

NCN’s Joe Jordan: Doesn’t 626 come under the topic of elections have consequences and maybe this discussion should have been held six months ago, before the Election?

Douglas County Commissioner/Dr. Maureen Boyle (OB-GYN): We’ve been working to try and do that but when you think about abortion, abortion effects a very small number of people and I think when you look at what really came to light in this election, people were worried about gas prices and property taxes and a lot of those folks will never have to worry about a pregnancy.