Looking to sue the school district following her 12-year-old son’s disappearance nearly two years ago, Ryan Larsen’s mom, who is looking to have Ryan declared dead is now waiting for a judge’s ruling.

During a Tuesday hearing in Sarpy County Court, Tammi Larsen testified that Ryan suffers from autism, Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and seizures, “lacks impulse control, can’t tie his shoes, take a shower.”

By all accounts, Ryan was last seen leaving La Vista West Elementary School around lunch time on May 17, 2021.

In earlier court filings, Tammi Larsen claimed that Ryan's school along with the Papillion-La Vista Public Schools and its employees were negligent.

According to her attorney, the clock is ticking on any lawsuit, and most likely must be filed within the next three months before the statute of limitations runs out.

“Tammy Larsen and the whole Larsen family needs closure. Almost two years ago the Papillion- La Vista school district allowed Ryan Larsen who is an 11 year old special needs boy, who has a propensity to wander, to simply walk out of the front doors of his elementary school in the middle of the school day. The Larsen family needs closure, and they need to hold the people accountable that are responsible for Ryan's disappearance and him walking from that school. 

As News Channel Nebraska first reported after being subpoenaed by Tammi Larsen to testify at Tuesday’s hearing, La Vista Police Chief Bob Lausten asked the court to quash the subpoena arguing the case is an “ongoing criminal investigation” and his testimony could compromise the probe.

At the start of today’s hearing Larsen’s lawyer, Sean Conway, pulled the subpoena, later telling reporters that police have been doing all they can to find Ryan.

As for those who wonder how a mother can move to have her missing son declared dead, Conway said, “Well, I think it's very difficult for anybody that hasn't been in the Larsen family's shoes, who hasn't had to go through the daily experience of dealing with a loved one who's lost, to be able to say that with any degree of authority.”

Conway adding, “This has been agonizing for the family on a daily basis and I think they're always going to hold out hope that Ryan will be found and that he's safe, but this family needs closure and they need to move on to the next step and they need to enforce their legal rights."

In an earlier statement to KETV, a spokesperson for the school district said, "This is a tragic situation. Papillion La Vista Community Schools will continue to support Ryan's family, the staff and students of La Vista West Elementary and the community."