While some lawmakers want to end early voting by mail, others want to extend it.

A hearing is scheduled this week on legislation which would make voting by mail easier across the state.

Currently only 11 small counties are allowed to hold all-mail elections but that could change.

The legislation (LB365) sponsored by State Sen. Megan Hunt (Omaha, D) would not end in-person voting but would make it easier to get a ballot.

Right now you have to request a vote-by-mail ballot, the new bill would automatically send a mail-in-ballot to every registered voter in a county.

That hearing is set for this Thursday at the State Capitol.

Meanwhile, movement on plans to shore up Nebraska’s food stamp program, including a hearing this week, come with a warning from at least one state lawmaker.

During a vote last week to provide some so-called “school choice” in Nebraska, State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh (Omaha, D) put those voting for the bill on notice.

She says upcoming votes (LB84) on those food stamps, otherwise known as SNAP, will be closely watched to make sure poor kids don't suffer.

That school choice bill, which would provide scholarships to private schools, got initial approval last week in a very close vote.

While critics see the bill as an economic drain on public schools, supporters say the scholarships would prioritize families that can’t currently afford to send their kids to private schools.