In the aftermath of the toxic and catastrophic derailment in Ohio, Nebraska’s two largest railroads are in line to be part of potentially larger federal investigation into train safety.

The National Transportation Safety Board is being asked to widen its Norfolk Southern probe to include the country’s Class I railroads, which would include Burlington Northern and Union Pacific.

In a letter to the NTSB, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (New York, D) writes, “it is jarringly evident that the freight industry is in desperate need of a full and comprehensive investigation.”

First and foremost, Schumer wants to know if more government oversight is needed asking, “How have recent deregulatory pushes contributed to those derailments and increase in death.”

Schumer cites statistics that find over the past five years, “13,000 injuries or worse…2,768 deaths attributed to freight rail accidents and incidents.” 

During a recent rail safety hearing at the State Capitol, the head of Burlington Northern insisted safety has never been better.