As lawmakers push ahead with voter ID, one nagging question won’t go away.

How do you verify voters who cast their ballots early, specifically those folks who vote by mail?

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As we’ve reported following last year’s overwhelming win by the backers of voter ID , when it comes to putting the finishing touches on those photo ID’s two key Republicans are at odds. 

State Sen. Julie Slama, who led the statewide push, running head-on into the man in charge of Nebraska elections, Secretary of State Bob Evnen.

Evnen helped develop the plan, which has received the Legislature’s initial go-ahead, based on his view that Nebraska elections are on the up and up.

Secretary of State Bob Evnen: “The election processes in Nebraska are fair, they’re secure, they have a high degree of integrity.”

But Slama calls the plan "fraud-friendly."

One of her biggest worries, early voting. And she wants those who drop off their ballots in drop-boxes or mail their ballots in, to have a notary eyeballing that voter.

But according to the Secretary of State’s office, as the bill is now written, if you vote early your ID is checked when you get your ballot, not when you cast it.

More specifically: “Voters who want to vote early in a regular election will provide their Voter ID information when requesting an early voting ballot.” In addition, “The voter will provide the identification number of the voter’s driver’s license or state identification card issued by the State of Nebraska…. Or the voter can provide a photocopy of any other valid photographic identification issued to or related to the voter.”

If Slama loses she is all but promising a court fight.