In recent years Nebraska Democrats have faced significant criticism for their lack of solid candidates in major statewide races.

Now Jane Kleeb, the head of the Nebraska Democratic Party, tells NCN they already have two candidates for next year’s Senate races.

Who are they?

Well, Kleeb is not ready to name names.

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Sen. Pete Ricketts: “I believe the choice is clear we must chart a path to greater freedom and strength.”

Sen. Deb Fischer: “This presidential administration has consistently been marked by egregious overreach.”

Joe Jordan, NCN. “Senate race 2024. Pete Ricketts, Deb Fischer, have you got candidates yet?

Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party: “We do have a couple of candidates and several others who are talking about it. So, you'll start to see those announcements I think in late fall, but we will absolutely have a Democrat challenging Ricketts who was appointed, and we will have a Democrat challenging Fischer as well.”

Fischer, who is seeking a third term, won both her previous races by double digit landslides.

Ricketts, who was elected governor twice, also both double digit landslides, is making his first Senate bid, appointed earlier this year by Gov. Jim Pillen, sounding alarms of a sweetheart deal.

Gov. Jim Pillen: "The question is backroom dealings and first, anybody who knows me knows that's not part of my DNA.”

Sen. Pete Ricketts: Governor Pillen and I share a lot of the same philosophies.”

Ricketts: “I will be voting for Jim Pillen”

The Pillen-Ricketts connection is no secret. Not only did Ricketts talk up Pillen for Governor, Ricketts also put up attacking Pillen’s two main primary opponents. First, Charles Herbster.

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Jordan: "If Charles Herbster wins the primary can you support him?"

Ricketts: "Well, we'll have to see what he does about these allegations of sexual misconduct. I also think he needs to drop out of the race and seek treatment."

And then State Sen. Brett Lindstrom.

Attack Ad: Lindstrom voted to give taxpayer benefits to illegal immigrants repeatedly.

Ricketts shelling out a reported $775,000 to Conservative Nebraska attacking Lindstrom and Herbster.

Jordan: “So. you've got candidates you're not naming them him just yet.”

Kleeb: “Not naming them just yet. And there's lots of folks who have come to the party talking about running so I think you'll see some announcements for at least one of those positions in late fall and then maybe another one a month after.”

Jordan: “Are they currently elected officials or are they names people are going to recognize when they step up?”

Kleeb: “I think that they'll be names that people recognize yes.”

Jordan: “Are they elected officials currently.”

Kleeb: “Maybe, maybe not we'll see.”