A Douglas County Deputy Sheriff, cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, following the point blank shooting of a man last month remains off the street today, pending further internal reviews.

That while officials release the 9-1-1 recordings and other videos from the scene.

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These are some of the first sounds and images released today by authorities following a point-blank shooting nearly two weeks ago involving a Black Man and a White officer.

It was here, northwest Omaha, 108th and Maple, just before 5 in the morning (Saturday October 28 4:45 a.m.) when Douglas County Deputy Sheriff Kevin Clark, off duty—not in uniform—and heading into work, saw a car full of people stopped in the intersection where a man and woman, Daveyon Sherman and Ahado Hamadi, were “fighting in the middle of the street.”

At this point, all this according to the Sheriff, Clark gets involved yells he’s a “police officer” yells “stop” and within 10 seconds fires one shot, hitting Sherman, who was unarmed, in the chest, but not killing him.

Here’s those moments according to Clark’s call to 9-1-1.

911 Call:

Clark at 4:51:45: “Police officer…expletive deleted…Stop.”

Sherman at 4:51:52: “Shoot me. Shoot me…expletive deleted…Shoot me. Shoot me.”

And then the lone gun shot.

4:51:55: “Gun Shot.”

According to the Sheriff, the quote “pivotal point” in all this is the “escalating interaction” between Deputy Clark and Sherman, those moments pushing investigators to “clarify and corroborate” evidence and statements from witnesses.

Capt. Eric Sellers: “Deputy Clark stated that Mr. Sherman got right up on his hand at arm’s length distance, to where he said he could feel his T-shirt on the palm of his hand as he was trying to keep distance. Deputy Clark felt that based on Sherman’s size, Deputy Clark felt that one punch from Sherman would knock Deputy Clark out and with Mr. Sherman’s level of aggression and not listening to commands, Deputy Clark felt that after knocking Deputy Clark out, Sherman would take Deputy Clark’s gun and use it against Deputy Clark killing him and then turn it on the female Ms. Hamadi and kill her or force her into that vehicle.”

Joe Jordan, NCN: “Sheriff as I’m sure you know, Ms. Hamadi has made public statements that she felt Deputy Clark went too far, overreacted and shouldn’t have fired his weapon.”

Sheriff Aaron Hanson, Douglas County (R): “I don’t want to get into a tit-for-tat with Ms. Hamadi. She is a victim, not by Deputy Clark but she is a victim of domestic violence, and we need to have empathy and support for her, and I do hope someone in her life connects her with the support and services she needs and that her child needs.”

In addition, we’re told that Clark is a five-year-Douglas County veteran, with “no history of discipline” while Sherman, who authorities say was heavily intoxicated during all this, has two domestic violence convictions, at least one involving Hamadi, along with an outstanding arrest warrant for domestic violence.

Deputy Clark, who has been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by prosecutors, remains off the street pending further internal reviews.