It's not even an election year at Omaha City Hall but you wouldn't know it from the latest battle between Mayor Jean Stothert and City Council Member Juanita Johnson.

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[January 30, 2024]

City Council Member Juanita Johnson, Omaha (D): "My voice is important.”

Juanita Johnson is the only black on the Omaha City Council.

[January 30, 2024]

Council Member Johnson: "Last time I checked slavery days ended some time ago.”

That as relations between Johnson and Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert hit a new low.

In a letter to City Council President, Democrat, Pete Festersen, Stothert a Republican blasts Democrat Johnson’s “unacceptable behavior” for “demeaning comments, personal attacks, attempts at humiliation, name calling, and unfounded accusations” aimed at City Hall staffers and the Mayor's top advisors.

[January 30, 2024]

Council Member Johnson: “What manner and what method I choose to obtain information is totally up to me and it should not be determined by who tells me what to do."

Johnson blaming the Mayor's men.

[January 30, 2024]

Council Member Johnson: “The Law Department has taken a stance to play games and obstruct my ability to gain information.”

And then there was this between Johnson and City Planning Director Dave Fanslau.

[February 6, 2024]

Council Member Johnson: “Are we not answering questions today, Mr. Fanslau?

Omaha City Planning Director Dave Fanslau: “No, that's the first time you called me, so I’ll answer your question for you.”

Council Member Johnson: “Oh.”

Fanslau: “The rezoning went in front of planning board first Wednesday in December of last year."

Council Member Johnson: "1st of December of last year?”

Fanslau: “First Wednesday of December of last year.”

Council Member Johnson: “Meaning 2023?”

Fanslau: “That would be last year, yes.”

Council Member Johnson: “Thank you smart ass.”

City Council President Pete Festersen: “Let's keep our remarks respectful, please.”

Council Member Johnson: “That's not necessary nor is it respectful. Therefore, I was in line with my comment. When (Fanslau) talks to me incorrectly, I'm in line to talk back to him, respond to him the same way he responds to me. Because he is disrespecting me as a City Council person.”

In her letter Stothert telling Festersen that, “Effectively immediately, only department director’s will attend City Council committee meetings…I have told Directors to leave any meeting that becomes hostile.”

Festersen tells NCN, “We’ve worked hard to maintain civility and respect at city hall. It’s important that we rise above any personal or political differences and stay focused on the work on behalf of the citizens."

NCN has asked Johnson for specific comments on the Mayor's letter, but we’ve not heard back.