The border, Ukraine, and Israel were among some of the contentious topics on hand at Omaha area Congressman Don Bacon’s latest town hall.

And then there was Trump.

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A moderately attended town hall, but some pointed questions.

Right out of the box, why is he backing Trump over Biden.

Rep. Don Bacon, Nebraska (R): “I initially supported Tim Scott, I like Nikki Haley. But in the end, it looks like President Trump's going to be our nominee. I'm going to support our nominee and I have a choice. Yes, you know it's not the perfect choice, but I think the border is the number one issue. I'm going to ask who can fix the border right, and who shows that they can do that, and he has.”

But this woman, a Democrat, not impressed; hitting Trump’s character, ethics, honesty and more.

Trump Critic (D): “His actions on the election, you know to say that they were invalid. There was nothing you know they never showed up all the investigations that it was ever thought that. That's dangerous.”

Rep. Bacon: “I'm totally honest. If I disagree with this President or the previous President and I have and I think most folks like it. Some people don't.”

Joe Jordan, NCN: “Was his answer satisfactory to your question?”

Trump Critic (D): “No.”

Meanwhile plenty of hard-right Republicans are bothered by what see as Bacon’s lukewarm support of Trump.

Bacon’s main primary opponent, Dan Frei, is all in for Trump.

Dan Frei, GOP Candidate for Congress: “I consider myself a huge fan of what Donald Trump has done for this nation and I'm very grateful for what Donald Trump has done for this nation with his policies and programs. So, if that makes me a Trumper I'm a Trumper."

Jordan: “Let me make the case that you're in part you're supporting Trump in the election because if you don't you can't win the primary.”

Rep. Bacon: “I've always been independent minded on issues but the fact of the matter is the number one issue is the border.”

Jordan: “Do you really think you could win in the primary if you didn't support President Trump?”

Rep. Bacon: “You know I'm just trying to be myself, be candid. I believe in God, country first, over party.”

That Bacon/Frei primary is less than three months away.