“Everything’s flying there, look at all the stuff flying up into the air.”


From the moment the tornadoes hit good Samaritans have poured into Elkhorn and Bennington neighborhoods to help, but there have also been some downsides.

Sheriff Aaron Hanson, Douglas County (R): “Many people have lost everything. There's a lot of looky loos who are very curious please do not drive into these impacted areas.”

First responders seeing that impact right from the start.

Fire Chief Kathy Bossman, Omaha: “Our crews driving into the neighborhoods as our neighbors were literally crawling out of their damaged properties and our firefighters reported the shock that they could see on our neighbors faces.”

State Sen. Justin Wayne, Omaha (D): ”It literally crossed the Interstate. A lot of debris over here and a lot of damage. There’s going to be some issues out here.”

Issues beyond the all-to-obvious clean up and starting over.

The sheriff already receiving reports of looters in the area.

Sheriff Hanson: “We will have extra patrols for the foreseeable future. We definitely do not want to make it easy for anybody who wants to victimize those people. Our partners in law enforcement and the Sheriff's Office will intercept you.”

Midday Monday, the sheriff announced that two men in the area caught deputies’ attention.

One of the men, Alejandro Vera was booked on several counts including possession of burglar tools. Along with a flashlight and work gloves he’s accused of having a pry bar.

The other man, Shane Cirian, was cited for trespassing.

In addition, the sheriff says a pair of wire cutters and meth were found in their car.