Even before the Nebraska Legislature called it quits last month there was already plenty of talk that a special session was coming.

Months ago, Gov. Jim Pillen said if needed he’d keep lawmakers around until Christmas in order to get his bold plan to cut property taxes by 40 percent signed and sealed.

But the plan went nowhere, and Pillen has apparently had enough.

In a statement issued Wednesday, announcing a series of statewide town halls on property taxes, Pillen says, “The Legislature failed to pass any property tax relief in the regular session, but we will finish the job in a special session.” 

But his plan is far from a done deal, as serious questions remain including how to pay for it. Groups on both the left and right helped shoot down his initial pay-for, a one-cent hike in the state sales tax.

One of his biggest opponents on that, former Governor, now Sen. Pete Ricketts.

No specific date has been set for the special session, but according to the statement Pillen says it will be later this summer, "anticipated to commence in late July."