Of the five Nebraska Republicans on Capitol Hill, only one has what is currently considered a serious challenge going into tomorrow's Primary.

2nd District Congressman Don Bacon is being hit from his right, by a true Trumper, Omaha businessman Dan Frei, who ran for Congress and lost in 2014.


Incumbent Omaha area Congressman Don Bacon insists he has a huge lead going into Tuesday’s Primary, over fellow Republican Dan Frei.

Dan Frei, Candidate for Congress (R): “I’m the conservative alternative.”

Dan Frei: “I'm a Trumper.”

Jordan: “Do you take Dan Frei’s challenge seriously?”

Rep. Don Bacon, 2nd District NE (R): “I take every challenge seriously and I'm going to I just work hard every day, but I do believe I'm in a good spot.”

So good that Bacon recently released a poll that finds him 50 points, yes 50 points ahead of Frei.

At the same time though in the final days of the race Bacon is shoring up his conservative credentials, with nationally known, right wing media's Mark Levin coming to Bacon's defense.

Mark Levin: “I'm going to endorse Don Bacon for the 2nd Congressional District in Nebraska and hope we can hold that seat that used to belong to a Democrat and leans heavy blue for Biden. Like I say he's not some radical liberal on the other hand he's not an isolationist. Bacon has been very solid. He’s got a primary challenge I think the guy works at a bank or was a marketer or somebody like that, challenged him he claims from the right I don't know what that means. I think he's an isolationist. I don't side with Russia against Ukraine.”

No apologies from Frei.

Dan Frei, Candidate for Congress (R): “I’m not in favor of even thinking about sending hundreds of millions of dollars to the likes of a Ukraine, where we’re going to help secure their borders, while we’re being overrun it doesn’t make sense.”

What doesn’t make sense to some Bacon backing Republicans is the fact that 10 years ago, Frei came up just short of upsetting then GOP Congressman Lee Terry in the 2014 Republican primary which was followed by a Democratic win that November.

Joe Jordan, NCN: “When you ran against Lee Terry and he wins then he goes on to run against Brad Ashford the Democrat in the general election and Ashford wins the first time the Democrats had held that seat in almost 20 years right do you regret your regret your run against Terry because some argue that you kind of you know you weakened Terry loosened them up for Brad Ashford?”

Dan Frei, Candidate for Congress (R): “Actually no I don't regret it at all. We did what was necessary and I will tell you Lee Terry was likely to lose that race anyway. So, there's going to be some that don't want to hear that, but the mood and the voter was that they had had enough; they were ready for change and I will tell you this race is teeing up to be very similar to that race.”

In the meantime, Democrat State Sen. Tony Vargas is waiting to see who he’ll face in November.

Jordan: “Donald Trump lost the Congressional District to Joe Biden by 7 points. So, how does a Trumper win that district in November against Tony Vargas?”

Dan Frei: “Those that might have been on the fence and didn't cast their vote for Donald Trump, I think that they have seen what the consequence of that decision is. So, when you look at the economy, you look at the border, you look at where we're at from a social and cultural perspective, I think that the average voter is going to race to the polls to vote for Donald Trump.”

Mark Levin:
“Don Bacon for Congress, Nebraska 2nd District. There’s some issues that I might disagree with him on but we need that seat.”

A seat Bacon held on to two years ago eking out a 2-point win over Vargas, a seat clearly in play once again.