The final numbers aren’t in yet but abortion-related petition drives from both the pro-life and pro-choice sides, groups with similar sounding and sometimes confusing names, are spending millions.


The pro-choice Protect Our Rights, allowing abortions up to fetal viability, likely between 24 and 26 weeks of pregnancy, has raised just over $2.3 million.

The pro-life Protect Women and Children, out to prohibit abortions after the first trimester, has raised just over $2 million.

The bulk of the cash on both sides is going to the folks on the ground who get the needed signatures.

Protect Women and Children has hired a Kansas City firm, Vanguard Field Services:

Joe Williams, President Vanguard Field Services, promotional video: “We define our services as any that require direct human contact involved in the political process. At the end of the day politics is about people.”

Yes people and money, and not only do those folks chalking up names get paid for each name, sometimes there’s even more.

Take for instance the pro-life group, Protect Women and Children.

News Channel Nebraska talked with a signature collector who tells us he’s up here from Florida and not only is he being paid for each name he comes up with, his air fare and hotel, well those are also paid for.

The money behind both sides is no secret.

The pro-lifers heavily funded by Republican Sen. Pete Ricketts who has kicked in at least $1 million, half the groups’ cash.

The pro-choicers backed by Planned Parenthood, nearly $450,000 and the ACLU, in for $537,000.

Both groups need nearly 123,000 valid names to make the November ballot.

If both get there state election officials tell us the one with the most votes wins.