As Boeing agrees to a major plea deal with the federal government following two deadly foreign plane crashes in 2018 and 2019 killing 346 people, questions are being raised about campaign cash from the company going to top elected officials in Nebraska.

An examination by News Channel Nebraska has found Boeing contributing tens-of-thousands of dollars to Sen. Deb Fischer, along with Congressmen Adrian Smith and Don Bacon.


As airports across the country, including Omaha’s Eppley Airfield, watch the summer rush, critical safety questions continue to plague one of the country’s top airline manufacturers, the Boeing Corporation.

Questions compounded from mid-flight scares: A 737-800 engine cover fell off, a 757-200 suffering wing damage, and that 737-MAX-Nine losing a door plug. A  whistleblower has claimed there are damaged parts installed on some planes.

Voice of Sam Salehpour/Whistleblower: “I literally saw people jumping on the airplane pieces to get them to align.”

The government wanted a do-over.

Michael Whitaker / FAA Administrator: "FAA's approach was too hands off, too focused on paperwork audits and not focused enough on inspections. We have changed that approach over the last several months and those changes are permanent."

As federal officials promise to keep a closer eye on Boeing, News Channel Nebraska has found that several top Nebraska elected officials have been taking campaign contribution after campaign contribution from Boeing, some dating back over 10 years, tens of thousands of dollars helping them get elected and reelected.

And despite the long list of Boeing’s safety questions, there is no indication any of that campaign cash will be returned, at least not yet.

The elected officials, according to Open Secrets, are Republicans: Sen. Deb Fischer, Congressman Don Bacon and Congressman Adrian Smith.

Smith has received $16,500 from Boeing dating back to 2012.

Bacon is in for $30,154 starting in 2016, the first year he ran and won.

And topping the list: Sen. Fischer with nearly $38,939 going back to 2012 when she first ran and won.

Asked by NCN if, in light of Boeing’s safety concerns, they’d be returning the money, Fischer and Smith have not responded.

Bacon’s campaign simply told us they had “No” response.

Voice of Sam Salehpour/Whistleblower: "I'm doing this not because I want Boeing to fail, but because I want, I want it to succeed and prevent the crashes from happening."

Along with their no comment when it comes to returning any campaign cash from Boeing, the Bacon campaign said they weren’t commenting because they believe the story is being pushed by Democrats.

It’s not.

In fact, according to federal campaign records, this year alone Boeing has given to dozens and dozens of Congressmen and Senators from both parties.

So far Republicans have received $788,000. Democrats, $768,000.

Boeing plays both sides.

Boeing has denied the more recent safety related allegations.