LINCOLN, Neb.-- Starting Wednesday, all Lincoln Police Department employees will have the opportunity to complete an anonymous survey about their experiences and perspectives throughout the Department.

The survey is being conducted by a third party, 21st Century Policing Solutions as part of a national firm’s assessment of LPD’s policies, procedures, and workplace experience.

In February 2021, Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird directed that an independent assessment of LPD would take place, this would include a survey and various focus groups. 

“The men and women of the Lincoln Police Department work hard every day to deliver results and uphold our city’s high standard of public safety,” said Mayor Gaylor Baird.  “An essential part of ensuring that LPD continues to be successful in accomplishing its mission is thoroughly responding to concerns and maintaining a culture of excellence, free from discrimination and harassment. This process involves seeking the perspectives of all our law enforcement professionals.”

“As an organization, we should never shy away from ongoing evaluation and criticism, as well as praise for who we are,” wrote Police Chief Teresa Ewins in a message to LPD employees. “I fully support 21CP’s collection of information vital to a thorough assessment of our department and encourage all employees to take advantage of this opportunity to provide input to these consultants. The ultimate goal is to learn how to be the best department and improve in areas identified by their work and your input and experiences. This is your opportunity to set course for your legacy and what we hand to the next generation serving this community.”

21CP is a collective of veteran police chiefs and preeminent scholars, civil rights lawyers, and police union representatives. The firm has expertise in police management, systems, policy, training, operations, labor relations, internal investigations, and equity and inclusion practices. 

The survey will be administered through a website with no relationship to the City of Lincoln or LPD. Information shared through the survey will be kept anonymous, and 21CP will not collect identifying information. Participation in the survey is completely voluntary.

21CP will also be conducting virtual and in-person focus groups with LPD employees. Participation for the focus groups is also completely voluntary and 21CP will not share identifying information with the LPD or City of Lincoln.  

More information on LPD is available at