It's a battle over health care for veterans in Nebraska and across the country.

Legislation known as the PACT Act was expected to pass the Senate but Republicans blocked it and Democrats like Sen. Jon Tester of Montana howled, "There are going to be veterans who die between now and when this bill is passed.

“Politics at its worst," said Ian Swanson is a conservative talk radio host in Omaha. "We want to give care to veterans. I want to be very clear on this."

Both Nebraska Republican Senators, Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse voted against the bill.

Asked by NCN why, Sasse has not responded.

Fischer’s office had this to say: “Sen. Fischer remains committed to getting this bill done. Some technical issues are being worked through and we look forward to the PACT Act moving across the finish line this week.”

It’s not clear when that vote will happen.