Despite Governor Pete Ricketts constant insistence that Nebraska is a pro-life state, there will not be a special session of the Nebraska Legislature to tighten abortion restrictions.

That announcement today from Ricketts, who says there are not enough votes in the Legislature to beat back an expected filibuster from pro-choice lawmakers.

"I will not be calling a special session," Ricketts said in a statement released by his office.

According to Ricketts, the Speaker of the Legislature Mike Hilgers tells him there are 30 votes to prohibit abortions after 12 weeks, but that's three votes short of the 33 needed to stop a filibuster.

Right now abortions in Nebraska are prohibited after 20 weeks and Ricketts calls the Legislative stalemate "deeply saddening."

Right after the announcement pro-choice State Senator Megan Hunt tweeted that abortion and health care are rights and its not up to the government to decide when someone will become a parent.

It now appears likely that the abortion issue will be front and center in the next regular session of the Legislature, which begins in January following key legislative races in November.