With law and order at the forefront of the Douglas County Sheriff's race, interviews with News Channel Nebraska find the candidates at odds when it comes to former President Donald Trump's role on January 6.

This is the first time in two decades that the name Tim Dunning is not on the ballot, the former sheriff retiring leaving voters to decide between Democrat Greg Gonzalez and Republican Aaron Hanson.

View our full video story on the Trump factor above and check back for a complete transcript.


When it comes to the race for Douglas County Sheriff voters will choose between two men, Republican Aaron Hanson and Democrat Greg Gonzalez, both vowing to keep bad guys off the streets. 

But when it comes to January 6, that definition of bad guy is clearly in play.

Joe Jordan, News Channel Nebraska: Does former President Trump bear any responsibility for what took place on January 6th?

Aaron Hanson (R): You know I saw what happened on January 6th and I did not like what I saw just like I did not like seeing cities burning across the nation.

In my mind I categorize someone who storms the capital no different than someone who burns a downtown or breaks all the windows on a downtown. They're both unlawful protests in my view.

Jordan: But was former President Trump at all responsible for what took place on January 6th?

Hanson: You know I don't know enough about what happened there.

I can tell you that I saw individuals making choices which were wrong and they stormed the Capitol just like I saw people breaking windows and throwing explosives in downtown Omaha when we engaged when we saw unlawful protest downtown as well.

Jordan: Is Donald Trump responsible for what happened on January 6th?

Greg Gonzalez (D): Well, I certainly don't support anybody that supports insurrection in Washington DC.

Jordan: So, Donald Trump does bear some responsibility?

Gonzalez: I would say Donald Trump yes because he was the person of the United States. And we've all watched it roll out in the media.

Absolutely, Donald Trump needs to be held accountable like everybody else.

Hanson: I think there's a lot of finger-pointing that can go around.

But I think at the end of the day the discussion we need to have is maintaining a civil society and not breaking people out into different boxes based on what partisan stripe we have

I think if you engage in unlawful activity, you are one in the same in my book. 

Jordan: So, you won't say one way or the other if he was responsible at all.

Hanson: No, I don't think I have enough information.