For the first time in years, the state’s largest newspaper is endorsing a Democrat for governor.

The Omaha World-Herald backing State Sen. Carol Blood over Republican Jim Pillen, in large part because Pillen refused to meet with the paper’s editorial board.

According to its latest endorsement, “Blood met with us. But Pillen rebuffed us, something that major candidates have rarely done.”

The paper goes on to note that Pillen’s “no-show not surprising, given that Pillen also refused to debate with Blood or, before the May Primary, with his fellow Republican candidates.”

During the past several months News Channel Nebraska, while reporting on a Pillen tax ad and an apparent Pillen flip-flop regarding roads, has repeatedly tried to talk to Pillen with no success.

Most recently, in late September NCN requested an on-camera interview with the NU Regent to discuss taxes, abortion, roads and broadband but were told he had a “dynamic schedule…but we will let you know if anything opens up.”

NCN has never heard back.