While literally kissing a baby, Republican Governor Jim Pillen today signed into law legislation banning abortions after 12 weeks and severely limiting transgender health care.

During a victory lap along with the 33 state senators who—without a vote to spare—pushed the controversial measures over the finish line last week, Pillen praised what he called the most significant social conservative legislation seen in Nebraska in over a generation.

The 12-week abortion ban replaces a 20-week ban enacted nearly 10 years ago.

The transgender portion of the bill requires strict state regulations for certain medicines to those under the age of 19 and also prohibits sex-change surgeries for those under 19, which according to Pillen protects families.

“Making sure parents and kids don’t get duped into this silliness that if you do this, you’ll become happy. That is absolutely Lucifer at its finest," said Pillen who was easily elected last November after surviving a brutal GOP primary.

The new law goes into effect immediately, opponents are promising court fights starting as soon as possible.