With House Republicans getting closer and closer to an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, it’s appearing more and more likely that Omaha area Congressman Don Bacon is facing a tough vote.

Does he go with the GOP or look for an out because Biden carried Omaha in 2020?

The inquiry fed by still unconfirmed allegations that the President and his son, Hunter Biden, are corrupt.

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At least Omaha Congressman Don Bacon knows he isn't alone, caught between that rock and a hard place.

Bacon and some 20 other House Republicans were elected/reelected in districts also won by President Joe Biden.

Districts where impeaching Biden would likely put him at odds with the voters who backed Biden.

So, just a few weeks ago Bacon said it's "too early for a formal impeachment inquiry." (NBC News)

But now he says this:

Rep. Don Bacon, 2nd District NE, (R): “If there is direct linkage of any evidence that points to President Biden, I'll be a yes. If he continues to refuse to hand over his bank records, I’ll be voting yes as well.” (KFAB Radio).

If that sounds like a lot of ‘ifs’, it is to pro-Trump, anti-Biden Republican voters, who want Bacon to stand firm with Trump.

Meanwhile, with Bacon in a tough rematch against Democrat Tony Vargas, Vargas losing narrowly to Bacon two years ago, Democrats are busy tying Bacon to Trump.

Joe Jordan, NCN: “Why is Don Bacon any more vulnerable in 2024 than he has been before when you couldn’t beat him, four times now?”

Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party: “I think the shine on Don Bacon is definitely coming off. He pretends that he’s Mr. Moderate, and he goes around with his little pet pig at parades, when in reality he votes the same as Marjorie Taylor Greene and the other radical MAGA’s on his side of the aisle and we’re not going to let him get away with that this time around.”

Anti-Bacon Attack Ad: “MAGA Republicans have hijacked the House of Representatives. They’re wasting your tax dollars on partisan stunts. Instead of tackling the issues the American people care about. But what has Congressman Don Bacon done to stop them? Absolutely nothing.”

More and more reports indicate that House Republicans are likely to launch an impeachment inquiry against Biden sometime this month.

Hurt the most: Those GOP members of Congress, like Don Bacon, serving in those districts Biden carried in 2020.